Register for WRAP-FETS

This registration page is for the FETS only, and is largely intended for WRAP members. For access to the DEASCO3 and PMDETAIL projects, please register here. Access is generally not given for more than one state's or tribe's data in the FETS. If you require access to more than one state's or tribe's data, please provide a detailed explanation in the Comments field.

If your Tribal area or agency jurisdiction is in more than one state, you may request access to multiple states (use Ctrl + click).

Access level “B” provides read-only access to data in the form of downloadable reports. For both levels, you will only be able run reports on states (or Tribes) to which you have access.

Access to the NEI Support Tools requires level “A”. If you have questions or concerns about data in the FETS, you may contact the relevant Smoke Management Program personnel for the state or Tribe in question (requires login).

Pending approval, you will be contacted within two business days with a username and password.